Alberto Restivo

Alberto Restivo was born in Udine, but he has been living in Palermo for 25 years.
Since he was a child his passion for music has been a basic part of his life. Thanks
to ever-increasing research, he enriched his musical culture more and more, being
always mindful of evolution of techonologies and abreast of the times.
His style is a coloured mix thanks to his capacity to go through different kind of music
such as house - tech-house – techno. He focuses his attention on current sonorities mixed
with old school and jazz – funk – deep influences, always using an elegant groove.He is
influenced by various artists, especially when in 2007, he spent three months in Berlin
for the project “Hub” realised with other djs. In that occasion, he had the opportunity
to play at “Bar 23” and “Bar 25” for the showcase of the label “Synergy-networks”.
And he participated in the opening of the art exibition and installation in Fassalagerhalle
– Gewerbehof of Berlino with Michel Ferraro. He also played in Barcellona (Sitges) and
in 2009 he released in the label Chameleon Black – various artists. Then, he realised
the la compilation “Villa Igiea” with Vincenzo Callea realised all over Europe. Moreover,
he takes part to many events with different artists and he plays in many clubs of the
underground panorama of his island.